​Beyond Belief Network Guides: Bare Minimum Event Ideas


BBN Sometimes, it’s impossible for volunteer groups to plan large service events. Members may have other commitments, especially during the holidays. Unpredictable weather conditions can also limit a group’s ability to volunteer. Hopefully, with this guide, your group can still be inspired to act through simpler acts of volunteerism. 

Event Suggestions

  • Give time. Donate time to volunteer at a local organization or institution. Participation can be for a few hours each month. Examples include food banks, libraries, nursing homes, animal shelters/sanctuaries, museums, and shelters.

  • Help your neighbor. Sometimes, the people who need help are right next door. Offer to help your older neighbors as needed (fix something around the house, mow their lawn, take them to the grocery store, etc.). If a neighbor is going through a rough time, offer to prepare them a home-cooked meal. Make sure to first ask about any dietary restrictions or food allergies.

  • Donate. Ask members to bring items to group meetings to be donated to local organizations. For example, over the winter months, collect winter coats/boots and donate these items to a local shelter. Give old books (in good condition) to the library or to a local charity. Have each member bring in (at least) one grocery bag of canned goods for a food bank.

  • Remember Foundation Beyond Belief Beneficiaries. Remember, hosting a fundraiser on behalf of Foundation Beyond Belief (FBB) or any of its beneficiaries counts as two events. Perfect for those teams looking to quickly raise their team’s BBN level. Consider hosting  a yard sale and donating the proceeds to FBB or a beneficiary.

Potential Service Events

If your volunteer group is looking for fresh ideas or seeking to escape your service routine, check out our resources and guides.

Questions or Concerns?

If you need help with planning your event or have additional questions, the best way to contact Beyond Belief Network is to use the contact webform, which enables us to track the resolution of your question: foundationbeyondbelief.org/contact-bbn. You can also email us at bbn@foundationbeyondbelief.org.