About Us

Our Mission

GO Humanity seeks to end poverty and hunger, promote good health and well-being, and foster employment opportunities and economic growth in ways that exemplify humanist values.

Vision & Values


We envision a world in which all people have access to food, water, and life’s basic necessities.

Our Humanist Values

  • Humans Helping Humans. Small groups of people who roll up their sleeves to make a difference locally can create a thriving humanity globally. We support the simple idea that humans pitching in to support one another is how we make change.
  • Shared Power. Local Power. We work together rather than working for or over others. We recognize that people are experts in the needs of their own local communities. We center and support communities seeking their own liberation and empowerment.
  • Radical Inclusion. We need many diverse hands working together to build one beautiful world. We invite everyone who shares our values to join us — no exceptions. We aim for the uplift of the whole human family regardless of age, race, color, national origin or immigration status, body size, disability, relationship style or status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, conviction history, or other culturally outlawed way of being.

We are many hands building one (beautiful) world.


Allie Ashmead · Board Chair

Allie Ashmead (she/her) is a humanist who grew up in rural Virginia. She has been in the IT industry for over 25 years and has spent her career doing business analysis, supporting SaaS systems, and building cloud solutions to manage data. She became interested in volunteering in 2016. She actively supports many humanist organizations, has done volunteer work for Clay County Democrats in Florida, and was co-host on the podcast and YouTube show FreeThought in Florida. Recently relocated to Aurora, Colorado, she continues to try to make a positive impact by volunteering her time to FoodBank of the Rockies and other important causes and charities.

Clare Wuellner · Vice Chair

Clare (she/her) is the Chair at GO Humanity. GO Humanity’s vision and mission excited Clare from its inception in 2009 and she has been proud to serve on the GO Humanity Board of Directors since 2012. Clare started her work in secular activism at a Unitarian Universalist church as Chair of the Social Action Committee.  From there, involvement in Center for Inquiry Austin lead to a four-year tenure as Executive Director.  Her activism centers around community-building and science education. Clare received her Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Entomology at The University of Kansas.  A postdoctoral position at The University of Texas brought Clare to Austin in 1997, and she found she just couldn’t leave. She jumped off the “Academia Train” to raise a family. In addition to her social activism, she pursues a career in art.

Phil Session · Board Member

Phil Session (he/him) was born and raised in Texas in two church homes, one Baptist and the other a Free Church of God in Christ.  After getting involved with the secular community in 2013, his efforts centered around volunteerism and community service projects. That passion led him to organize and/or attend hundreds of volunteer activities in groups centered around non-belief in Austin and San Antonio. Phil is the volunteer coordinator for the Freethinkers Association of Central Texas and serves as its acting Vice-president. He is also the head organizer/coordinator for Austin Atheists Helping the Homeless and is on the board of Recovering from Religion. Phil previously served as Vice-president and volunteer coordinator for the Atheist Community of Austin, a co-host for The Atheist Experience, producer for Godless Bitches 2.0 and served as a lay leader at the Atheist/Humanist Meeting on Lackland Air Force Base.

Alix Jules · Treasurer

Alix Jules (he/him) is an advocate for social impact and applying innovation for positive human change. He’s authored numerous articles and blogs on inequality, reform, educating and raising children, and sustainable communities. He’s been featured in Ebony Magazine, Time Magazine, and quoted in the Oxford Journal of Sociology of Religion on conceptualizing identities. Alix co-founded the largest humanist group in Texas (The Fellowship of Freethought) and has various affiliations with national skeptic organizations, humanist groups, and STEM associations. He’s spent most of his professional career in technology enablement, analytics, and research. He’s recently undertaken enabling social entrepreneurs and developing impact strategies with an international team at HEC Paris.

Alice Ashton · Board Member

Alice Ashton (she/her) is a humanist nearing her retirement from the United States Navy and plans to start a new profession in journalism. She is also an intern with the Ask & Tell Project. She has a history of leadership and task management through the military and volunteer work she has done. She left the LDS Church in 1998, but didn’t fully accept her atheism until 2005. She eventually came to accept that she was transgender and came out while serving, being one of only about 1,400 transgender service members serving openly under the current regulations. She worked to mentor younger transgender service members on how to navigate the military healthcare and administrative systems, co-founded a local transgender support group, and aided 15 service members in getting their diagnoses before the new ban took effect. She got involved in Atheist Conventions in 2015 and moved into more social justice oriented activism in 2017. She works to bring a better understanding of all marginalized groups to the general public through elevating those marginalized voices and helping share their stories.

Tracie Harris · Secretary

Tracie Harris (she/her) graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies from the University of Central Florida, including areas of specialization in anthropology, communication and studio art. Tracie has worked with nonprofits as a board member and officer, as well as in public outreach, since 2006. She has promoted social justice as a host on several podcasts, including her own podcast project, “at home in my head”. She has been a speaker and presenter on these same issues at both the local and national levels. Outside of volunteer work, she is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) as well as a certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM1).

Tiffany S. Ho · Executive Director

Tif Ho (she, they) is the Executive Director of GO Humanity. Prior to joining GO Humanity, Tif was a marketing consultant and fractional CMO at several startups. She also spent time volunteering across various causes such as education, the justice system, homelessness, food insecurity, health, and social issues. Tif has a BA in Anthropology and Pre-Law from Montclair State University and a MA in Anthropology from Hunter College. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Business, Global Leadership, and Organizational Management. Her dissertation explores the marginalization of Asian American women in leadership and JEDI (justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion), in U.S.-based multinational organizations. Tif lives in Jersey City, NJ. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family (including three dogs and two guinea pigs), reading, writing, creating, staying active outdoors, and traveling. She spent her most recent trip between Morocco, Portugal, Spain, and Tunisia.

Wendy Webber · Programs Director

Wendy (she/her) is a graduate of Yale Divinity School, where she was a founder of an atheist, agnostic, and multifaith community that continues to foster interbelief dialogues and initiatives on campus. She was a Volunteer Coordinator with the Yale Humanist Community. At GO Humanity, Wendy spent a year with Pathfinders Project, an international humanist service project designed to find the location to launch GO Humanity’s own Humanist Action: Ghana. She then served as GO Humanity’s Humanist Disaster Recovery Coordinator and Service Teams Coordinator, and Humanist Action: Ghana – Ghana Co-Administrator. Wendy is now back in the US and serving as the coordinator of GO Humanity’s programs. Wendy writes about religion, humanism, and interbelief engagement primarily for her blog (interbelief.com), State of Formation, and NonProphet Status.

Seráh Blain · Communications Director

Seráh Blain (she/her) is a mom, an activist, and a humanist communications expert. With more than 20 years of political and nonprofit communications experience, Seráh has dedicated her career to advancing social justice through public policy and grassroots community organizing. She is currently Partner and Senior Strategist at Spectrum Experience (a values-based brand and PR firm) and Board Member with North Orlando Oasis. She has also served on the Board of Directors for the Secular Coalition for Arizona, the Prescott Pride Center, QSquaredYouth, and the Arizona Interfaith Movement. Seráh was the recipient of GO Humanity’s Humanist Innovator of the Year Award in 2014.

Eric Zaklukiewicz headshot

Eric Zaklukiewicz · Communications Manager

Eric Zaklukiewicz (he/him) is a communications professional who has specialized in nonprofit and progressive political advocacy since 2016. His work has included fielding writing, design, and other communications needs for clients such as Secular Coalition for Arizona; progressive government affairs firm Fortitude AZ; and humanist public relations firm Spectrum Experience. He is also a past producer of the Humanist Experience podcast featured by GO Humanity. He has assisted in fundraising, communications, field organizing, and PR work for numerous political candidates running on humanist values platforms. Eric is also a creative professional, having cultivated many of his communications skills studying film, producing music, and working for over a decade as a professional theatre actor.

Leah Franco · Administrative Manager

Leah (she/her) is an experienced administrative professional and a committed humanist from Houston, Texas. She joined the GO Humanity team in 2019 and is excited to be able to use her talents and skills to support a cause she believes in. Leah holds an Associate in Science and would someday like to become a sex educator. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, particularly fantasy and science fiction, crochet, LARP, and spending time with her chosen family.

Chris Schertenlieb · Technical Director

Chris (he/him) is a website and software developer who grew up in Grand Haven, Michigan. He has a degree in Computer Science from Grand Valley State University. He is well versed in English, Spanish, and a plethora of programming languages. Chris also serves on the board for Camp Quest Michigan, a humanist residential summer camp for children, and served two years as President of his university’s Center For Inquiry group. He lives in Michigan with his wife and their 4 cats: Ellie, Arya, Rambo, & Acorn. When he isn’t knee-deep in code, Chris loves to spend his time reading, gardening, cooking, and watching Star Trek.

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