Humanist Responses to Afghanistan & Haiti


Over the past week, we have all witnessed the humanitarian crises in Afghanistan and Haiti. In the past few days, many of you have reached out to us, generously volunteering your time, money, and resources. So here’s more about the situation and how you can help:


Photo: UN

The withdrawal of international troops has led to the resurgence of the Taliban. The Taliban’s control of Afghanistan threatens the rights of women, LGBTQIA, nontheists, dissidents, children, and many others. As human rights violations unfold, tens of thousands of Americans, Afghans, and allies remain trapped in the country, awaiting evacuation efforts from the U.S. and allies.

What is happening in Afghanistan is a complex situation. Foundation Beyond Belief will be monitoring the situation, seeking the most effective ways that we can help, and providing supplies whenever possible. However, the greatest need right now is in rescue efforts. Much of this rests in the hands of the U.S. and ally governments. You can help by:

You can also help by checking your local community for nearby refugee settlement organizations and seeing how you can provide aid to incoming refugees.


Photo by Zoriah

The 7.2 magnitude earthquake is the biggest to hit Haiti since 2010. This tragedy has displaced, injured, and taken the lives of thousands of people. The tropical storm that hit Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake has caused further damage and complicated relief efforts.

Over the past few days, Foundation Beyond Belief has been in touch with volunteer team, Haitian Freethinkers. Members of Haitian Freethinkers have family and connections to Haiti. With our partner, American Humanist Association, we will be supporting Haitian Freethinkers in raising funds. These efforts will be critical in funding locally-led responses that provide food, water, and supplies to those who are impacted.

You can donate by visiting our fundraising page or by texting HAITIRELIEF to 44321.