ALDF fights on behalf of the voiceless

ALDFOur current Natural World beneficiary, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, works to institute laws stopping animal abuse, uphold existing laws, provide legal support in animal cruelty cases, and educate future lawyers as well as the public.

ALDF caged puppy
One of their biggest ongoing battles is against puppy mills, the horrific breeding operations behind pet store puppies. Apart from supplying excess puppies and kittens in a country where 4 million animals are euthanized every year in shelters, these mills imprison constantly breeding mothers in cages and produce unsanitary conditions and inbred, unhealthy dogs. Happily, it seems as though at least some small victory might be on the horizon: The Los Angeles City Council is considering an ordinance that would ban the sale of kittens and puppies from mills, ensuring that all pet store animals are from shelters and rescue groups. If you are interested in helping the ALDF work against puppy mills in Los Angeles, contact the LA city council and voice your support for the retail pet ban.

ALDF turtle
Other recent victories include the removal of eight severely neglected horses from their abusive owners, with custody granted to the United States Equine Rescue League; an undertaking by the Department of Transportation to better advertise the dangers of transporting animals in cargo holds; and successful lawsuits against animal shelters in violation of humane shelter laws. The ALDF is still fighting numerous cases on behalf of animals from neglected dogs to endangered turtles, abused pregnant sows, and tortured chimpanzees.
To learn more about the ALDF, you can request action alerts or help out by signing petitions.