Responding to Religious Domination of Hurricane Laura Recovery


Imagine your house is destroyed. Your life is upside-down. It's time to sort through the rubble.

Fortunately, a group of people is there to help.

"Before we get started,” says one of them, “let's have a prayer."

After Hurricane Harvey struck, about 40 NGOs helped Port Arthur, TX with recovery. Of those organizations, only two were secular.

The response to Hurricane Laura has been no different. Louisiana Baptists. Salvation Army. Mercy Chefs. It’s a growing list of faith-based organizations that discriminate against who they employ; make public statements condemning LGBTQ+ people; that bring religious symbols and religious language into their service work.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce our 100% secular Hurricane 2020 recovery beneficiary: All Hands and Hearts Smart Response (AHAH), a longtime FBB-partner with a strong track record of community disaster recovery—with no religion, no discrimination, and no condemnation.

smart recovery

AHAH has set up in Newton County, TX and DeQuincy, LA and are already addressing heavy wind and flood damage to structures. AHAH has implemented science-based operations and standards to promote safe and effective practices for working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We know AHAH will provide the highest quality support to the communities impacted by Hurricane Laura, because that’s what they’ve been doing for years. After Hurricane Harvey, AHAH spent two and a half years repairing homes in Texas and Louisiana, completing 1,210 jobs. In Florida after Hurricane Michael, they completed 294 jobs. Before suspending operations due to COVID-19, AHAH had completed 200 jobs in the Bahamas—including 8 schools serving 1,570 children.

You can be part of a compassionate, secular response to Hurricane Laura—free of religious bias—with your gift today. Are you in?YES I'M IN(1)