Central Ohio United Non-Theists BBN team volunteering at Secular Student Assembly conference - photo from above of many students gathered in corridor. BBN picture of the month July 2017

Announcing Beyond Belief Network monthly award winners for July 2017


Due to the urgency of need surrounding Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, we've been remiss in recognizing our Beyond Belief Network partners. It's time to catch up, because we're so grateful for the good work the people in these teams do every month.

We're happy to announce our July Picture of the Month award goes to Central Ohio United Non-Theists, or COUNT!

Their photo, featured above, showcases an event during which four COUNT volunteers worked a total of 23 hours at the Secular Student Alliance (SSA) Conference. SSA conferences provide training to student activists on various aspects of organizing secular groups. For the fourth year, COUNT volunteers recorded presentations and transported speakers and attendees to and from the airport. They were then able to sit in on some sessions and gain some valuable training on organizing groups.  Great work, COUNT!

Our BBN Team of the Month winner for July is the Central Florida Freethought Community (CFFC.)

Despite the steamy weather of a Florida day in July, CFFC members returned to Kewannee Park to remove trash from the a six acre park and accompanying areas. CFFC cleans this park regularly while still finding time for their other events, which support science education, STEM literacy, and women's rights. They've also participated in Pulse remembrance events, including a blood drive with fellow Florida BBN team, BE Orlando. Fantastic job, CFFC. Thank you for being Humanism at work.