Announcing FBB Beneficiary for Disaster Appeal: Kerala Monsoon Flooding


We are thrilled to announce our beneficiary for our Disaster Appeal: Kerala Monsoon Flooding. ActionAid USA's local partners are currently responding in the some of the hardest hit regions of Kerala where there is a high presence of tribal, minority, and Dalit people whose subsistence is largely based on informal labor. Their capacity to recover during emergencies is very limited. ActionAid USA has a history of focusing on the most vulnerable populations when disaster strikes. 


This year Kerala is experiencing the worst monsoon season since 1924, with at least 40% more rain than usual causing sever landslides and flooding. Over 400 have died and over one million people have been displaced. 

ActionAid started its response work by distributing mattresses, clothes, and hygiene kits in relief camps. Their response grew to distributing food kits, non-food items, dignity kits, and shelter materials.The response and recovery will be women-centered — supporting women to take the lead in community organization, facilitating distributions of relief items, and in reconstruction efforts. They are still engaged in response work, but are working with local partners to identify recovery needs.

The people of Kerala still need your help. Give now!