Announcing our first Nepal beneficiary, The Women’s Foundation Nepal


IMG_7843 We have chosen The Women’s Foundation Nepal as our first beneficiary of the money raised through the Humanist Disaster Recovery Drive.

The Women’s Foundation Nepal was founded in 1988 by a group of Nepalese women and has continued to be a locally run organization. In non-emergency times, they support women and children who are victims of violence and poverty by providing shelter, education, training opportunities, legal counsel, and employment opportunities.IMG_8038When the earthquake occurred this past weekend the staff sprang into action. Despite damages to some of their facilities, their main office in Kathmandu was left unharmed. They have been able to use their facilities, including their offices and schools to shelter those in need. Their staff members have been participating in the rescue operations and they have been providing food and resources to anyone in need.

But those resources are running low. An e-mail from their executive director earlier today noted they are in need of the following as soon as possible “Food, gas, oil for our generator, mattresses and quilts, extra clothes and pharmaceutical products – in particular sanitary items for women, antibiotics, water purification drops and hand sanitizer.”IMG_8033 11Foundation Beyond Belief has sent an initial $12,000 to them this afternoon so they can purchase these much-needed emergency supplies.

Currently, Women’s Foundation is focused on meeting the emergency needs of survivors but in the coming weeks they will move into recovery mode as they help their community pick up the pieces.

This organization was chosen as a beneficiary for two primary reasons. First, locally run organizations are always best suited to handle recovery, especially in the long-term. Second, the impacts of disasters on women have been widely researched in countries around the world. This research has found that women face more and unique challenges throughout response and recovery including needs related to health, safety, and economic stability. After disasters, access to women’s health resources are especially difficult to find, gender-based violence increases, and women are often unable to access recovery related employment opportunities and aid. For these reasons, the work Women’s Foundation does is especially important as they enter into recovery.IMG_8046As we continue to raise money throughout the week the money raised will be transferred to allow Women’s Foundation to meet the needs of their local community.

To learn more about The Women’s Foundation Nepal, you can visit their website or find them on Facebook.

All images courtesy of The Women's Foundation Nepal