Announcing new Executive Director Tif Ho


FBB is charting an ambitious path forward in a changing world, and we're excited to have a new navigator pointing the way. Please join us in extending our warmest welcomes to new Executive Director Tif Ho.

Foundation Beyond Belief began when one visionary’s dream inspired a small circle of nonbelievers to come together and give for the benefit of common causes. As we have grown and evolved, so too has our mission.

A new Executive Director would need to be no less a visionary than our founder to achieve our new mission: FBB seeks to end poverty, foster employment opportunities, and spur economic growth in ways that exemplify humanist values.

There is no question that Tif Ho will be such a leader for FBB and that her efforts will continue to inspire your trust as a donor. As a secular Buddhist and humanist, Tif believes deeply in FBB’s commitment to humanist values.

Under Tif’s leadership, FBB will continue to address the root causes of inequities, promoting self-sufficiency and sustainability in local communities. This beginning marks a new phase of our growth, as we seek to expand the secular community and have an even greater impact on the lives of marginalized peoples around the world.

The trust you place in FBB is humbling. We cannot begin to express how grateful we are for your generosity. We are so eager to begin this new chapter with you.

Best to you,

Clare Wuellner,
FBB Board Chair