Another landmark: $50,000 in contributions



by Dale McGowan

Executive Director, Foundation Beyond Belief

Sure, it’s just a number. But this morning, when our member contributions rolled over $50,000 for the year, I allowed myself a private little woohoo!

It’s been so gratifying to watch this experiment in humanist philanthropy come together. Members write in to tell me how good it feels to finally link their compassionate actions to their worldview. We know how fortunate we are to be in a position to give. And without a supernatural caretaker, we know that any progress — in social justice, human rights, the quality of human and other animal life, and the health of our one and only world — is up to us.

I’ve heard from many members that the Foundation’s giving model and humanistic focus have increased the level of their charitable giving this year. Others have been drawn into a closer connection with charitable efforts around the world by learning about our featured beneficiaries each quarter.

You can see in the reports from our beneficiaries how our contributions are making a difference. But I’m also interested in how Foundation membership has made a difference for you, the members.

So click here and tell me: Why is membership in Foundation Beyond Belief important to you? Has it made you think differently about what it is to be a humanist? Raised your awareness of a particular issue? We’ll include some of your responses on the home page.

Thanks as always for being a vital part of this adventure in active humanism!