Avivara chosen as Q4 Small Grants Beneficiary


AvivaraBy Cathleen O’Grady

Avivara is a small charity aimed at improving access to education in impoverished areas in Guatemala. They also work toward the improvement of existing educational facilities and cultivating relationships between Guatemala and the United States.

Avivara has a multi-faceted approach to educational improvement, with a number of programs. They provide scholarships for students hoping to continue their education beyond 6th grade and provide grants for schools to improve their facilities. Recognizing that education goes beyond simply what happens at school, they also provide after-school learning facilities where students have access to tutoring and homework help, and run nutrition programs in a number of schools to ensure that students are well fed and able to focus on learning.

AvivaraThe effects of Avivara’s programs in Guatemala are tangible. Previously ill-equipped schools are provided with desks, books, and learning resources, and in 2012, 43 students were given scholarships to continue their education into junior high, high school, or tertiary education. Avivara is an organization creating tangible change with a limited budget and huge financial challenges. This impact, along with their program assessment and focus on the greater social context of inequality in Guatemala, makes them a deserving Small Grant beneficiary.