Announcing the Beyond Belief Network Food Security Project!

FBB is thrilled to announce the launch of the pilot program for our brand-new Beyond Belief Network Food Security Project.

We’re inviting five powerhouse Beyond Belief Network (BBN) volunteer teams involved in food distribution and giveaway operations to receive monthly grants supporting their work:

Teams can use these monthly grants to fill holes in their stocks; make special purchases for needs identified by their beneficiaries; or build infrastructure to allow their program flourish.

This pilot phase is all about making sure the process is efficient and impactful. In the next, we’ll fund even more BBN teams to help them build giveaway or distribution programs from the ground up. Then in phase III, we’ll grow the grant amounts and spread them to even more teams — including groups beyond the network.

The pilot program along with our overhauled Compassionate Impact Grant program represent major steps forward in our mission to end poverty, hunger, and inequity in ways that exemplify humanist values.

Your support made these leaps forward possible, and we thank you deeply for it. We hope you are as excited as we are.

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