EcoViva Water Threat protest privatization March 2019

Beneficiary blog: EcoViva discusses potential water threat



A threat to water anywhere is a threat to water everywhere


"…members of El Salvador’s National Assembly moved one step closer to passing a controversial law that would privatize water in the country.

A majority in the Environmental Committee voted to create a regulatory body that consist of seven entities, three that represent the public, and four that represent private interests. The move would give private interests the majority, and with that, control over how the resource will be managed. Historically, when big business is put in charge of protecting natural resources and the environment, it has not been for the benefit of the environment or for communities that depend on it for their survival." Read more. 

EcoViva has worked for decades with grassroots organizations in El Salvador to promote environmental sustainability, economic security, and social justice. By working with local fishermen and leaders to develop and implement sustainable use plans, EcoViva has helped communities ensure both the preservation of local livelihoods and protect the ecosystems they rely upon. 

FBB is proud to partner with EcoViva. We'll continue to face each new challenge and keep working toward a more sustainable future. 

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