Common Ground Community Center


With the motto “Bringing People Together as We Are,” Common Ground Community Center (CGCC) is a secular, inclusive, community-minded homeschool collaborative that provides academic classes, tutoring, entrepreneurship, mentoring, art, music, mental health counseling, physical education, and parent resources in Baltimore, Maryland. CGCC’s community  consists of Black people, immigrants, and LGBT people. And over half of the people in the community identify as humanist.

CGCC originally planned to use CIG funding to support their Community Connections program, which connects the youth in their community with businesses and nonprofits for mutual benefit. Unfortunately, these plans have been put on temporary hold due to COVID-19, and classes have moved online. CGCC has also chosen to redirect resources to support community members facing hardship due COVID-19, whether from job loss, sickness, or caring for loved ones who have fallen ill.

Not only do we appreciate the day-to-day work of CGCC, but we are encouraged by the work they are now doing to support the most vulnerable members of the community in times of crisis. FBB is proud to support an organization that is putting humanist values into action.