Over 75% of Haiti’s population lack access to safe sanitation which puts their family’s health at risk and poison the environment every time they have to use the bathroom. SOIL has developed an integrated waste disposal system that uses simple, safe, eco-friendly composting toilets.

They design and market the EcoLakay toilet, which is the first part of their collection process.  During each step in the process, there is a fee required, so the users have an active interest, rather than just receiving a handout of SOIL’s services. The solid waste, often containing diseases and contaminants are brought to a waste treatment center and processed into useable compost.  The development of compostable human waste was a project which included finding the proper, indigenous, easy to harvest plant cover to create a temperature high enough to kill off the pathogens in human waste. They then sell the tested compost to farmers.

SOIL provides a trustworthy product and disposable system that is making communities and Haiti safer with proper disposal of human waste. They have transformed from a charity focused on waste disposal into a social enterprise business with a strong reputation and a dedicated Haitian workforce,