Beyond Belief Network: Austin Atheists and Freethought Dayton first to hit Level Three in 2014!


Congratulations to our Beyond Belief Network Teams, Austin Atheists Helping the Homeless and Freethought Dayton, for reaching Level Three! Both teams have already had at least twelve community service events in this calendar year! We’re impressed with each team’s regular service event schedule, their commitment towards improving their respective communities and their active demonstration of compassionate humanism.

As part of Level Two, Austin Atheists Helping the Homeless already applied for and received a $250 grant which they used to purchase supplies for their monthly giveways to help the needy in Austin. Now that they reached Level Three, Freethought Dayton and Austin Atheists Helping the Homeless are eligible for $500 grants, too!

Seven teams have reached Level One so far this year, with a few teams fast closing in on Level Two! Kol Hadash Humanistic Congregation Community Service Committee, Humanist Community at Harvard, Ethics in Action, and Humanist Community of Central Ohio are all Level One teams! Upstate Atheists, Central Ohio United Non-Theists, and Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry are only two events away from Level Two! Congratulations to all of our teams!

It’s not too late for your local humanist or atheist group to join Beyond Belief Network and to get your own grants, free t-shirts, and recognition for service events! Here’s how it works: At the start of each year, all teams start at the introductory BBN level. Teams reach a new level after every four reports detailing service events. If an event raises money for Foundation Beyond Belief, it counts double. There are a total of three BBN levels, each with their own set of perks!

Level One:

  • 8 free shirts with logo option
  • Eligibility for Team of the Month recognition

Level Two:

  • Eligibility for Heart of Humanism awards (including monetary prizes) presented at our Humanism at Work conference
  • Eligibility for grants for your service projects up to $250

Level Three:

  • Eligibility for larger grants up to $500, with larger grants considered for specific, appropriate, well-defined project development
  • 12 additional t-shirts

There’s no fee or requirements to join BBN, other than having a public secular humanist or atheist identity. To move up the levels, however, your team must submit event reports. This is the best way for us to use our limited manpower to provide event guides, tips, grants, and other benefits while keeping track of teams’ progress.