Beyond Belief Network Guides: Concert for a Cause


Music has a wonderful power to bring people together. So why not use that power for a fundraiser? This guide will offer tips and tricks on how to make your concert for a cause a great success.

Tips to Get Started

  • Find a Venue. It is much easier to host a concert at a venue, especially if the venue’s staff is willing to work with you. Remember, make sure your location has what the group needs. This will primarily consist of providing a stage area and electricity. Check beforehand what lighting and sound needs the musicians have, and ensure that the necessary equipment and capable technicians are available. Also, ask if you can sell food and drinks at the location.
  • Harmony. When considering multiple potential acts, try and keep them within the same musical genre. While some variety is good, don’t try to put a heavy metal band and a jazz trio in the same line-up; it’s too jarring for the audience. Try to consider what your audience will enjoy listening to for a few hours.
  • Finding Bands. If you’re lucky, you can find local musicians/bands who will be willing to play at your event for free, or split your take. Some musicians may be happy to play without a fee for charity. If they sell merchandise, ask if you can sell additional goods for charity.
  • Combining Events. If you’re only hosting one musical act, consider combining your smaller concert with a larger event such as Toast to a Better World.
  • Remember Foundation Beyond Belief Beneficiaries. Remember, hosting a fundraiser on behalf of Foundation Beyond Belief or any of its beneficiaries counts as two events. Perfect for those teams looking to quickly raise their team’s BBN level. Learn more about Beyond Belief Network events here.

Volunteers Needed

If you decide to host a concert for a cause, you’ll need volunteers. You should have:

  • Backstage staff. This will consist of 4-5 individuals who will help the band(s) set up their equipment as well as assist with the sound system and general backstage responsibilities, such as security. If you’re working with a venue, they will probably supply this staff.
  • Emcee. One volunteer who introduces the band(s) and makes any necessary announcements.
  • Collectors. One or two trustworthy volunteers who collect donations or the entry fee at the door. This is an area that should always have at least one person watching the register at all times.
  • Sellers. One or two trustworthy volunteers who sell merchandise. If you don’t plan on selling merchandise, consider planning a silent auction or raffle instead.
  • Additional staff. If you plan to sell or provide food and drink, have staff ready to serve or restock it. Number may fluctuate depending on overall nature of event.

Questions or Concerns?

If you need help with planning your event or have additional questions, the best way to contact Beyond Belief Network is to use the contact webform, which enables us to track the resolution of your question: You can also email us at