Beyond Belief Network Guides: Transgender Law Center


Transgender Law Center is Foundation Beyond Belief’s (FBB) Quarter 4, 2015 Human Rights beneficiary for the Humanist Giving program. Transgender Law Center was chosen based on compatibility with the FBB mission, program effectiveness, financial responsibility, and an innovative approach to solving a problem. Transgender Law Center’s mission is to change “law, policy, and attitudes so that all people can live safely, authentically, and free from discrimination regardless of their gender identity or expression.” You can use this guide for service event ideas to help Transgender Law Center’s goals.

Transgender Law Center’s Work

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Transgender Law Center (TLC) is a legal services nonprofit for transgender and gender nonconforming people with particular focus on aiding those who are low-income, people of color, and/or Spanish speaking. They are well-respected within the LGBTQ advocacy community and partner with several community centers and law schools to deliver services. TLC offers a free monthly drop-in clinic at local transgender community centers, where attorneys and law students offer information and legal services on issues including discrimination in employment and housing, trans-related medical care, immigration and public benefits. TLC also runs a legal helpline for callers nationwide referring them either to their own staff attorneys for individual legal advice and other resources to address issues of discrimination and civil rights.

Event Ideas
These suggested ideas are intended to inspire Beyond Belief Network teams looking for potential events.

Volunteer for LGBTQ homeless youth. show your support towards members of LGBTQ community in need. According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, there are currently less than a dozen non-profit organizations nation-wide offer focused services to LGBTQ homeless youth, and most are on the east or west coast. Homeless youth that identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, or questioning experience higher rates of physical and sexual assault. In any given community, there are homelessness-related programs that are in need of volunteers. If you’re part of a volunteer group, consider helping at a youth housing organization or supporting housing program.

Wrapping Wishes. With the holiday season approaching, running a gift wrap center is a great way to help others and raise funds for charity. Advertise for a suggested donation, and remember to bring plenty of supplies including wrapping paper, tape, scissors, gift tags, ribbons, and scissors. If your volunteer group is part of Beyond Belief Network and donates the proceeds to Transgender Law Center, through Foundation Beyond Belief, the event would be considered as a Foundation Partners Program event, which means it will count as two events. BBN teams supporting our current and past Humanist Giving Program beneficiaries financially, connects FBB programs in a new way and is a perfect for teams looking to quickly raise their BBN team level!

Lights, Camera, Action. Organize a movie night and show a film highlighting transgender awareness. This event can also be modified. Invite local transgender individuals to speak about their lives and the issues they face because of their transgender identity. While you can make the event free to the community, you can sell snacks and/or run a raffle to raise funds.

Our beneficiaries enjoy hearing how FBB connects their organization with others, so submit your event report and we can tell them about your work. Becoming a regular monthly donor will enable the Humanist Giving Program to give larger grants in the future.

Follow Transgender Law Center and their work through their website, Facebook, and Twitter.