BBN POM May 2018 CFI Michigan Volunteer raking leaves

Beyond Belief Network May 2018 Awards


May’s Beyond Belief Network Picture of the Month comes from Center for Inquiry-Michigan’s day working at Long Lake Outdoor Center–the location of their upcoming Secular Summer Retreat. The planned this event to give back to the community and preserve this beautiful historic campground so that it can be enjoyed by the numerous schools, community groups, and wedding parties who visit every year. Projects this year included staining the outside walls of the Lodge, clearing brush and leaves from around the lodge, and general cabin inspections and maintenance. Great event CFI-Michigan!

South Texas Atheists for Reason (STAR), May’s Team of the Month added to their regular commitment to Lackland Airforce Base with a giveaway for people experiencing homelessness in downtown San Antonio. They collected donations, purchased some needed supplies, and volunteers brought clothing, water, and snack foods with them on the day of the  giveaway. 55 people were able to go through the line to get what they needed. Keep up the great work STAR!