Beyond Belief Network teams earn great perks — join now!


Beyond Belief NetworkAre you a member of a humanist, atheist, or freethought group (or a podcast, blog, or online forum)? Are you interested in volunteering in your local community, helping others in the humanist community, joining the humanist response to a crisis, or fundraising for charities? Could you use help finding, planning, and funding service activities?

Join Beyond Belief Network today! We provide assistance and perks to encourage groups of humanists to serve their communities. For teams new to service, we offer advice, detailed event guides, and ideas for service. More experienced teams can join and receive grants, free T-shirts, awards, and recognition for the work they already do.

If your team joins by December 31, you will qualify for free T-shirts with your team’s logo and grants for service activities, and you’ll be eligible for the second annual Heart of Humanism awards, to be presented at FBB’s Humanism at Work conference in Chicago next July. Any teams, new or old, are also eligible for a bonus drawing to receive a signed book from Dale McGowan or Chris Stedman. Teams will receive one entry per event report submitted through January 15, 2014.

All you need to do to qualify is fill out the application, and when you receive the welcome email, you have until January 15, 2014, to submit reports detailing every service activity your group has done in 2013!