Camp Quest idea guide now available


cqWith summer approaching, many parents are looking forward to sending their children to summer camp. Camp Quest is the top choice of secular humanists and skeptics who want their children to have an educational experience along with traditional summer camp activities. Children who go to Camp Quest learn about astronomy, biology, and environmental science. Campers may also learn about famous freethinkers as well as world religions, without having a particular worldview endorsed as truth. In our BBN idea guide, you can find information on how to locate the nearest Camp Quest location, become a Camp Quest volunteer, and organize carpools for transportation.

This guide was developed by Beyond Belief Network staff. Every quarter, Beyond Belief Network puts together idea guides for our local and online humanist groups to have volunteer or fundraising events for the featured beneficiaries. While these guides are developed with our Beyond Belief Network teams in mind, individuals can use the information and ideas on their own. If you use one of our guides, please tell us about it at If you are a member of a service-minded group with a public secular humanist identity, consider joining Beyond Belief Network.