Pueblo a Pueblo: Set Up For Success

“This is the most cohesive group we’ve partnered with,” says Genaro Simalaj, Pueblo a Pueblo’s Senior Beekeeping Project Technician. “They work very well together, and they are well-organized—and as a result, their hives are more stable and more successful than we’ve seen from any other partner group at this stage in the project.” They are…

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Announcing FBB’s 3rd quarter Compassionate Impact Grant Beneficiary: Pueblo a Pueblo

Foundation Beyond Belief usually chooses four beneficiaries to receive grants each quarter in the categories of Poverty & Health, Human Rights, Education, and the Natural World. However, one quarter per year we instead have an open, competitive process to award one innovative organization with the game-changing Compassionate Impact Grant. This grant is given to organizations whose programs are demonstrably…

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Top Ten Ways to Spend the Summer Solstice

Slather on the sunscreen and clear your calendar: let’s celebrate the Summer Solstice and World Humanist Day! If you’re not sure how to spend the longest day of the year, look no further than ten of the many charities FBB has featured as Humanist Grants beneficiaries over the years. And for our friends in the…

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A Tale of Two Storms

Chances are, you read a lot about Hurricane Harvey when it transformed Houston, TX into a disaster zone in 2017. 68 people were directly killed from Harvey's devastation, 30,000 displaced, and 1,000 homes completely destroyed. This spring, disasters of even greater magnitude laid waste to Eastern Africa. In March, tropical Cyclone Idai— one of the worst…

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Announcing our new quarter two beneficiaries!

April doesn’t just bring showers and tax day. It also brings new Humanist Grants beneficiaries! Each of this quarter’s beneficiaries highly values evidence-driven interventions and includes integrated data collection and evaluation in their program designs. We are proud to support the work they do!

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Beneficiary blog: EcoViva discusses potential water threat

EcoViva Water Threat protest privatization March 2019

  A threat to water anywhere is a threat to water everywhere   "…members of El Salvador’s National Assembly moved one step closer to passing a controversial law that would privatize water in the country. A majority in the Environmental Committee voted to create a regulatory body that consist of seven entities, three that represent…

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EcoViva: how politics can impact the work

EcoViva, El Salvador Elections

Read this recent blog from our beneficiary partner, EcoViva, about how politics can affect the work we do. Many factors beyond our control affect service work, but we adapt. We continue to work for the communities in which we are invested. And, #HumanismAtWork is a powerful thing.

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Guest Blog from Global Green, USA

Measuring Program Results with Sensors: 12 weeks later… What? For the past year, Global Green has been conducting outreach via the use of eco-ambassadors. In order to track results from the program remotely, we have piloted technologies for reducing waste in multi-family residences. From our work this year, an average of 1.5 lbs of food waste per household were…

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Nexleaf Analytics utilizes technology for global good

Nexleaf people in circle for stove training HG Mar 2018

Globally, 5 billion people now have access to mobile technology. This technology is more than just a means of easy communication – it’s a way to gain access to information and to generate critical development. Even in rural areas lacking basic infrastructure like running water and electricity, many communities are using mobile technology to improve…

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EcoViva: Mangrove Restoration Beginning to Bear Fruit

EcoViva Satellite Images 2010 2015 2017 Humanist Grants

Sometimes, the best way to progress is to help nature do what it does best. This seems to be the case for a once-barren 120-acre piece of land surrounded by lush mangrove forests in El Salvador. Mangrove forests provide a vast array of valuable ecosystem services and play a critical role in climate change mitigation…

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