Challenge the Gap: A Brief Review


Since its inception in 2011, Challenge the Gap challenges the idea that there is an unbridgeable gap between theists and nontheists. Foundation Beyond Belief remains committed to aiding secular organizations that encourage and demonstrate humanist generosity and compassion, which is why the beneficiaries in our other Humanist Giving categories are always secular. However, Challenge the Gap represents religious charities that embrace a progressive, non-proselytizing commitment and work for the common good.

Because Foundation Beyond Belief is engaging in an exciting new initiative, the Compassionate Impact Grant, for the 4th quarter of 2014, we won’t be selecting charities for our traditional five focus areas this quarter (Human Rights, Poverty & Health, The Natural World, Education, and Challenge the Gap). Let’s use this opportunity to look back at some of the charities we’ve featured in the Challenge the Gap category.

So far, Challenge the Gap has featured fifteen charities from different religious backgrounds, including Buddhism, Judaism and Islam. Each religious charitable organization engages in goals that work toward creating a better world for all individuals. Some of these past charities include MAZON, Buddhist Global Relief, Islamic Relief USA, Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, and Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty.

We’ll be checking in with some of these charities over the course of the quarter, and catching up on their latest programs and volunteer efforts.

Foundation Beyond Belief is proud to have supported all of these charities and wishes them continued success as they take action across the country and the world.