Charity Report: Circle of Women


Second-quarter beneficiary Circle of Women gave us this report on how they’re using the funds they received from Foundation Beyond Belief. Foundation members donated $2,265 to Circle of Women last quarter.

Circle of Women has used Foundation Beyond Belief’s generous gift to construct one of the four bathrooms currently being installed in our project in Keiri Reki village, Pakistan. The bathrooms at the government-run school were destroyed in the 2005 earthquake and had been left derelict ever since.

Data indicates that with functioning bathroom facilities, female students are twice as likely to attend rural school facilities. The bathrooms, along with the water tanks and computer room that Circle of Women are constructing at the school, will help promote accessibility to education at this rural facility. Construction will be finished within the month. Updates on the KR project can be found at Thank you, Foundation Beyond Belief!

Circle of Women