Compassionate Impact Grant deadline February 23rd by noon


Thank you for the outpouring of interest in our Compassionate Impact Grant.

This year's Compassionate Impact Grant focuses on how specific programs can increase capacity working within the natural world and local communities.  Your programs can fit into the specific target areas of Education, Economic Opportunity, or Healthy Futures, however, we want these projects to have a strong tie-in to the natural world and environmental work.

The required Letter of Intent cycle is ending this week.  All Letters of Intent are due on Thursday, February 23rd by noon, Central Time.  In order to submit a Letter of Intent, get the instructions from the website mentioned above, read over the requirements, specifically page two, and see the structure of the LOI on page five.  The web form address is on page four.  Please note that you can not save your application, so make sure that you have all of your materials ready all at once.  Please remember to attach your three-page Letter of Intent at the bottom of the web form.

We are looking forward to reading all about your programs.  Be aware, late LOIs will not be evaluated.  We will notify you by March 23rd if your LOI advances you to our Request for Proposal stage of the grant application.

Thank you in advance for the work you spent preparing the Letter of Intent, and for all the hard work you do every day in your communities.