Compassionate Impact Grant Letter of Intent Due Soon


FBBFoundation Beyond Belief is happy to inform our current, past, and perhaps future beneficiaries that our application period for our Compassionate Impact Grant, to be awarded in April 2016 is open. Members and friends, if you know of any worthy organizations, please invite them to look at the grant packet on our website.

Foundation Beyond Belief will make one capacity building grant in the amount of $45,000- $50,000 to an innovative organization with the goal to increase that organization’s capacity to support those in need and create solutions that greatly increase their impact on a critical community problem. Projects may take place domestically or internationally. The Compassionate Impact Grant Program is an open, competitive process with applicants assessed on their ability to provide evidence-driven, innovative solutions that reach different or larger numbers of constituents.

The letter of intent is due in two weeks, on November 19. The grant packet can be found on our website.

Selected applicants will be invited to complete the full Request for Proposal application by early January 2016. Previous recipients of the Compassionate Impact Grant are Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative and Starfish.

We look forward to reading about your programs and projects. We understand that grant writing, fundraising, and staff time are important but time-consuming aspects of running a non-profit organization. We hope that you will find our grant worth your efforts. If you have any questions regarding your proposal or the grant specifications, please contact AJ Chalom at