How does our Compassionate Impact Grant Work?


StarfishDuring Q2 of 2015 (the current quarter)  we used our Compassionate Impact Grant program to focus on a strong organization, increasing the impact of an innovative non-profit through a capacity building grant. FBB supports and increases the capacity of this non-profit organization that is developing and broadening transformative, evidence-informed, social innovations that solve critical community problems.  Starfish was awarded the Compassionate Impact Grant in March funded with our member donations for Q2, from April through June, 2015.

Starfish is a powerful model support and education focused within the native Mayan community in Guatemala.  They have developed a wonderful process of identification of girls and families that will be most successful within their program to optimize their impact and their success. In addition to the rigorous selection process, they embody a whole family model to support their Pioneers.

After years of supporting Girl Pioneers with strong mentorship, Starfish recognized that while some education is better than no education, the traditional Guatemalan education program is not designed to move their Girl Pioneers into career motivated vocations or poverty reduction opportunities. For Girl Pioneers, who experience education far beyond their peers, the education was not as effective as Starfish was ready to accept.

Starfish_website-rebrand_screen1-slide7_photo This fall, Starfish is opening their first “high school” model program in the region, that has state of the art teaching principles in place for the Starfish Girl Pioneers. The Impact school will open in 2017 with 40 7th grade Girl Pioneers.  Foundation Beyond Belief is supporting the rigorous teaching training initiatives to provide the best teaching possible at the new school.  through our Compassionate Impact Grant

We are excited and fully support Starfish’s mission to create a rigorous school environment through teacher training, As a giving member, if you agree with our assessment,  you don’t have to make any changes, and we thank you fully for your donations and your commitment to Foundation Beyond Belief and our beneficiaries.

However, if for any reason you choose not to support the CIG grant and Starfish, you can easily shift the priority allocation of your donated funds in the member panel at any time in the quarter (Ending June 30, 2015).  Or, if you'd like, you can partially fund Starfish by putting only a percent of your funding into a beneficiary category.  Because Starfish is our only beneficiary this quarter, all beneficiary category allocations will be applied to Starfish. If you'd rather, you can support the operations of Foundation Beyond Belief by allocating a portion of your donations to FBB.

Read more on the Compassionate Impact Grant here.

More information about Starfish can be found in our video:
If you have any questions please contact AJ Chalom, the Humanist Program Coordinator.