Compassionate Impact Grant

About Compassionate Impact Grant

Compassionate Impact Grant (CIG) is a $150K, three year, unrestricted grant that is awarded to a single organization with the goal of tangibly increasing the impact of an innovative nonprofit. CIG's goal is to support organizations that address critical community problems through evidence-based and culturally responsible social innovations.

CIG supports organizations with social initiatives that:

  • provide access to food and clean water
  • tackle disparities in health and well-being
  • foster employment opportunities and economic growth
  • create innovative, evidence-based, and sustainable impact
  • offer culturally-sensitive solutions to community problems
  • serve historically underrepresented and underserved communities
  • are inclusive of people across sex, gender identity, sexuality, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, and ability

The CIG application is an open, competitive process.

Current Recipient

Hole Food Recue, a member organization of FRA, participates in a service event.

Hole Food Recue, a member organization of FRA, participates in a service event.

Food Rescue Alliance (FRA)  is making a powerful impact on food insecurity, poverty, inequity, social injustice, and environmental destruction in one fell swoop through innovative, effective programs reducing food waste. FRA is a network of food rescue initiatives with 32 member organizations in the U.S., Nigeria, and Canada. Their programs include:

  • Instructing communities on how to start food rescue initiatives
  • Helping organizers manage volunteers and reclamation project
  • Incubation, peer learning, and resource sharing programs
  • Open-source logistics softwares

Through its programs, FRA, has helped to complete 90,000+ food rescues. Members of FRA have redistributed over 20 million pounds of food to over 600,000 low income people annually. This impact is already huge, but the CIG will help to further increase FRA’s impact. Funds will secure staff funding; continue support for FRA’s software; and maximize network’s efficiency. It’s a game changer that will move FRA towards a tantalizing goal: to grow from an under-resourced peer learning alliance to a powerful collective with leverage over the root causes of food insecurity.

Our work with FRA also provides partnership opportunities for our GO Humanity Service Teams to increase their impact addressing food insecurity.

Past Recipients

Since 2009, GO Humanity has awarded millions of dollars in grants through the Compassionate Impact Grant and the past Humanist Grants programs. For a list of our past Humanist Grants grantees click here.

2019: Pueblo a Pueblo: Sustainable Livelihoods: Beekeeping

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"Announcing GO Humanity’s 3rd quarter Compassionate Impact Grant Beneficiary: Pueblo a Pueblo," GO Humanity News Post, July 5, 2019

2018: Tandana Foundation: Bandiagara District of Mali Women's Literacy, Leadership, and Enterprise

Announcement of GO Humanity’s Compassionate Impact Grant recipient,” GO Humanity News Post, July 1, 2018


Man in canoe holding up a fish

2017: EcoViva: Community Mangrove Management Program

Chalom, AJ “EcoViva’s Community Management of Mangroves Receives Compassionate Impact Grant Funding”, GO Humanity News Post, July 6, 2017


2016: Thunder Valley, CDC: Lakota Language Initiative

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2015: Starfish: Extensive Teacher Training for Guatemalan Educators

Starfish Program Offers Life-Changing Opportunities GO Humanity Blog, February 17, 2016

GO Humanity, "Starfish Impact School opens" March 15, 2017

2014:  Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative:  Fair Chance for Family Success

Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative Continues to make great strides GO Humanity Blog, May 20, 2015

Dudley families meet financial goals with help of Compassionate Impact Grant GO Humanity Blog, February 24, 2016

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