We’re counting on you — DONATE NOW to support humanism at work


Foundation Beyond Belief has changed a lot since we launched with our Humanist Giving program back in 2010. We’ve raised $1.75 million for 118 charities around the world, but that’s just the beginning.

Through the Beyond Belief Network, we support more than 100 humanist volunteer teams nationwide, teams that regularly show their communities what humanist volunteering looks like. And now we're opening up two completely new areas of humanist service.

In 2015, we will launch Humanist Disaster Recovery Teams, the first on-the-ground volunteer program giving nontheists an avenue to directly assist communities impacted by disaster. We're also launching the much-anticipated Humanist Action: Ghana, deploying a team of eight humanist volunteers next July for a year of service in and around the “witch camps” of northern Ghana.

This is exciting work, and we couldn’t be more proud of what our members and volunteers accomplish through their donations of time and money. But because we’re expanding our scope and adding these great new initiatives, our program costs have nearly doubled in a year, and we need your help to close the gap in funding.

Please help support Foundation Beyond Belief by donating to our year-end fund drive. The first $20,000 raised by December 31 will be matched by the Foundation 50—donate now to double your gift. To make things interesting, you can donate through the Humanist Action: Ghana’ very own (and very hirsute) Conor Robinson’s Facial Hair Fundraiser. And don’t miss the Dogma Debate 24-Hour Broadcastathon for Foundation Beyond Belief, featuring some of the most interesting and entertaining voices in humanism and atheism.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our programs and mission! We can’t do it without you.