DC Greenworks uses FBB support to bring green infrastructure to DC


DC GreenworksDC Greenworks, our Q4 2012 Natural World beneficiary, shared this report to tell us how they are using funds donated by Foundation Beyond Belief members. FBB members donated $6,515 to DC Greenworks last quarter.

We at DC Greenworks are sincerely appreciative of the generous donations given by members and supporters of Foundation Beyond Belief. Your $6,515 contribution will help us implement a green infrastructure system at an affordable housing complex in the District of Columbia.

DC GreenworksThis past year, DC Greenworks constructed over 20,000 square feet of green roof at schools, universities, commercial properties, and homes in DC. Over 1000 rain barrels were installed, and rain gardens were built at multifamily residences.

Because of DC Greenworks’ efforts, over 500,000 gallons of polluted storm water runoff was diverted from our local waterways, reducing erosion and sedimentation, and preserving healthy aquatic life. The addition of green roofs to the urban infrastructure of Washington, DC, helps clean the air of particulates and toxins, and also lowers the summer temperature. Collection and reuse of rainwater for irrigation and other functions saves utility ratepayers money and lowers operating costs and energy use at water treatment facilities.

Collectively called “green infrastructure,” these practices, once implemented, require ongoing maintenance labor—both skilled and unskilled. As the industry grows, the expansion of local job creation is enormous. Beyond the construction of a green project, your contributions will fund the training of residents in green infrastructure practices, giving them the skills to be hired and paid to maintain their project and others. Thank you for your support and belief in our work!

Peter Ensign, Executive Director
DC Greenworks