Humanist Disaster Recovery

About Disaster Recovery Project

Humanist Disaster Recovery (HDR) serves as a focal point for response to major natural disasters and complex humanitarian crises all over the world. For GO Humanity to coordinate such response, the event must meet a well-developed set of criteria.

The HDR program has two primary components:

Major Natural Disasters

In the case of a natural disaster, GO Humanity raises funds to aid in disaster recovery and to provide:

  • Grants to organizations working locally to meet the needs of recovering survivors
  • Trained volunteers for recovering communities

Complex Humanitarian Crises

In the case of a humanitarian crisis, GO Humanity researches and shares ways for volunteers to make an impact. This often includes fundraising for organizations that are working to mitigate the crisis.

Grant Recipients

Grant recipients are rigorously vetted to ensure they meet GO Humanity's standards for efficiency, effectiveness, and financial transparency. The post-disaster, post-crisis recovery landscape is complex. But we prioritize nonprofits that are well-established, integrate sustainability and mitigation techniques into their work, and empower local communities throughout long-term recovery.

During an HDR response, this page provides:

  • Information about the unfolding situation
  • Opportunities to donate to vetted organizations
  • Opportunities to volunteer and help rebuild affected communities

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