Rise Ukraine

On February 24, 2022 Russia launched a full-scale military invasion of Ukraine. Since February, Ukraine has reported more than 3,000 civilian casualties. Millions more have lost their homes and been forced to flee their country. The attack on Ukraine is a massive and ongoing humanitarian issue. Russia has continued to engage in human rights violations.

Foundation Beyond Belief’s Board Chair, Clare Wuellner, has generously volunteered her time and efforts for Ukraine’s cause. Clare is a brilliant and talented artist, who has created a limited-edition print to honor the bravery of Ukrainians. The print, called “Rise,” features a tree whose branches lend itself to the shape of a heart. This shape reflects the resilience of and love for the Ukrainian people. Clare states, “Whenever news of Ukraine is discussed, the primary thing I hear in people’s words and actions is LOVE. The hearts forming in the tree’s branches rise from the branches and move into the air. They carry a message from us to all Ukrainians: We see you. You are in our thoughts. We send you Love, Strength, and Courage.

Profits from the print will go to OutRight Action International, which FBB has vetted. Funds will go to support one of the most underserved group of Ukrainians – LGBTIQ individuals. These individuals often lack access to the usual avenues for aid and need alternative means of support. OutRight International states, “Put bluntly, in a large-scale emergency, our LGBTIQ community simply cannot count on mainstream systems for help.” You can support LGBTIQ Ukrainians by purchasing Clare’s print here.


“Rise,” created by Clare Wuellner and framed by Brett Howard. Profits go to OutRight International, to support LGBTIQ Ukrainians.


Certificate of Authenticity

Limited edition, Certificate of Authenticity for “Rise.”