Diversity in Nebraska


Justice for our neighbors – NE (JFON-NE) has supported a public space for artists to highlight immigrants and diversity in Nebraska.

The collaboration has produced powerful images and thoughts.  When you take a step into the pictures, between the words and the faces, this action is one of the New Nebraskans' art.

            The New Nebraskans, in their words:



Mary:  “Because I’ve been through there, in the camp.  I know the situation. How we suffer there, so ever since I was young, I just like helping people. …  My heart is just… even you have something for me, I’ll just give to that person, I refer giving to that person, to help that person, I always forget about myself, Even if I was doing it when I was here.”


Rocksteel: “…at the time I was only 12, in the camp we had free education but our life was like birds in a cage you had to stay inside you had to stay in the camp it is a hard time in there so you can not support your parents, so i know I am the only one who can support my parents.











Ramona: “The girls, my cousins, I remember that we went out to the fields to pick flowers…And we sang and picked flowers.  We sang Ranchera songs. “\Caciones bien rancheras.” “Me gusta cantarle al viento, porque vuela mis cantares, and digo lo quie yo sieno por toditos los lagares”..”

      Experiences: The new generation participation

     The New Nebraskans tells the story of people.