Produce a rapid-release documentary for people vulnerable to the climate crisis


Hurricane season is here. Help get vulnerable communities ready with a quick-release documentary helping them organize!

Recently, we were contacted by our friend Robin Harris, an organizer with volunteer teams Central Florida Mutual Aid and Orlando Oasis, which provide food relief and disaster recovery in poor communities. Robin is also an activist for Black, LGBTQIA, low-income, and other marginalized people. Now she’s part of a team making “Can’t Stop Change: Queer Climate Stories from the Florida Frontlines,” a feature-length rapid documentary project.

Through place-based interviews across Florida, the film shares stories of queer and trans resistance, resilience, and brilliance in the face of rising seas, stronger storms, and escalating state violence. (Watch the trailer.)

This is a rapid media project with an intended release within the month. This pace is very quick because the main intention has been to create something that can be useful to the collaborators interviewed, many of whom are preparing their communities for the hurricane season right now.

The producers have been predominantly funded by grants, having raised over $34,000 from Out for Sustainability, the Center for Cultural Power, the Urgent Action Fund, the Resist Fund, the Third Wave Fund, and the Groundswell fund. We are actively applying for more grants, but grant funding (even these ‘rapid’ ones!) moves slower than our pace.

Can you help fund this project and get these stories out there?

Half of the funds raised will go towards covering the rest of production expenses, while the other half will go to a mutual aid fund for the brilliant people interviewed for the film.

The point of the film is screenings, so this funding does so much: paying for simultaneous interpretation in Spanish, booking venues, ordering food from local vendors, printing disaster preparedness and political organizing materials, and stipends to the local partners putting the events together.

Thank you for whatever support you can offer.