Donate Now to Earthquake and Tsunami Relief


Among our plans for 2011 was the creation of a rapid disaster relief feature. It was scheduled to launch in summer 2011. But nature has its own schedule.

As you know, a massive 8.9 earthquake and tsunami have devastated coastal areas in several countries in the western Pacific. Even Japan, perhaps the most earthquake-ready nation on Earth, is reeling from the destruction of its largest quake on record. 

When the scale of damage is this large, we are sometimes stunned into inaction, feeling that a few dollars can’t make a difference. But as always, many small acts of generosity add up to a major impact. Now is the time to put humanist compassion to work.

Foundation Beyond Belief is now accepting donations for relief efforts currently underway. To donate through the Foundation, click on the ChipIn widget in the upper right sidebar.

No two natural disasters are alike. The earthquakes in Haiti and Chile presented dramatically different challenges for relief organizations, and the current quake and tsunami will have its own unique character. It takes 24 to 48 hours for the profile of a given disaster to become clear. Foundation Beyond Belief will begin collecting funds immediately but wait to decide on a recipient until the greatest needs of the situation are clearer. In any case, donations received by FBB will go to a major secular relief organization responding directly to the crisis.

Thanks for your help!
Dale McGowan
Executive Director