Philip Kizer is a long-time Computer System Administrator with a background in physics from Texas A&M University. While a Chief System Engineer at Texas A&M, he was active as a volunteer for the local Planned Parenthood clinic. “I observed first-hand some of the ways some unaffiliated people treated the patrons to one of the most protested clinics in the country,” he says. “The vitriol and hatred galvanized my desire to do more for the underprivileged and harangued.”

After moving to the Dallas area, Philip discovered other local organizations that were trying to help the underprivileged, including the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance.

Since Philip is involved with other non-profit organizations — as an officer of the League of Professional System Administrators and as a counselor for the new Camp Quest Texas — he understands how hard it is for non-profits, particularly those just starting up. That’s why he answered the very first request for donations by our fledgling organization in Summer 2009. His steady support since that time has made him one of the Foundation’s top contributors.

“There was no hesitation when the first call for assistance was sent out to help Foundation Beyond Belief get off the ground,” he says. “I continue to be proud to watch the continuing efforts of the Foundation.”

We are truly grateful for the confidence and financial support of our donors at every level. Your support helps us continue to grow and sustain this community of compassionate humanists making a positive contribution to this life and this world. 

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