Dudley Neighborhood — Tell me more!


Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) is the first recipient of our Compassionate Impact Grant. This grant will fund Phase II of the Fair Chance for Family Success program, aimed at setting goals and establishing financial stability for residents in the Dudley Triangle.

Where is the Dudley Triangle? The Dudley neighborhood exists between the Roxbury and North Dorchester neighborhoods in Boston. The neighborhood is roughly 1.3 square miles, with 22,000 people living in 7,500 households. The Dudley Triangle is important because it is within an area of the Dudley neighborhood that is highly distressed, and it lies in an area where DSNI has focused community development efforts and has developed affordable housing on vacant lots. Households in the neighborhood have a poverty rate more than twice that of Boston as a whole, and more than one-third of children in the neighborhood live below the federal poverty line.

While DSNI is active within the Dudley Triangle, the entire neighborhood benefits from affordable housing units, business development, beautification of vacant lots, and art and community institutional development. Locales in the Dudley Triangle can be viewed in DSNI’s virtual tour.

DSNI keeps community activity and development activities focused within the Triangle and the neighborhood. Successes and current projects can be found on their website. One recent project is the establishment of Upham’s Corner ArtPlace, an art consortium through which DSNI has commissioned a permanent art installation that represents the neighborhood and its residents.

We are proud to support a significant and lasting community development organization that isn’t scared to develop new programs based on the needs of a changing community.