EcoHealth Alliance protects human health and the environment with FBB support


EcoHealth AllianceEcoHealth Alliance was our Natural World beneficiary for the third quarter of 2013. They shared this report about how they will use the grant they received from FBB. FBB members donated $9,235 to EcoHealth Alliance last quarter.

EcoHealth Alliance is very grateful for the support received from Foundation Beyond Belief. Through this support, we continue to work in response to emerging threats at the intersection of health and the environment. Our programs include:

1.    PREDICT: This program brings together a coalition of organizations to research and better understand emerging diseases among high-risk wildlife. As a PREDICT partner EcoHealth Alliance is currently:

  • Identifying zoonotic pathogens in wildlife—over 20,000 animals have been tested and 200 new viruses have been discovered to date; and
  • Determining the risk and methods of transmission for specific zoonotic diseases.

2.    Illegal Wildlife Trade: EcoHealth Alliance works to combat the illegal wildlife trade by:

  • Conducting disease surveillance of traded wildlife and U.S. confiscated wildlife imports to inform decision makers about wildlife-associated health risks; and
  • Assessing non-traditional pet choices to provide science-based recommendations for healthy and environmentally friendly pets (

3.    Project Deep Forest: Deforestation and human encroachment have displaced species, increasing the likelihood of disease transmission (e.g., Nipah Virus, Avian Influenza, and SARS). EcoHealth scientists are working in Brazil and Malaysia to address issues of land-use change that drive emerging infectious disease.

4.    One-Health U.S. Policy Initiatives: The One-Health perspective emphasizes the link between human, animal, and ecosystem health, and the need for an integrated approach in addressing emerging disease. Through key partnerships in the U.S., EcoHealth Alliance actively advances this approach by:

  • Organizing and participating in Senate and White House briefings on threats and approaches to promoting local and global health;
  • Providing technical guidance on state and federal regulations, including science-based guidance for preventing the spread of zoonotic diseases.

Thank you for your support in helping to protect human health while conserving the environment for future generations!