Ecological and biological health go hand in hand


EcoHealth AllianceBy Sarah Henry

EcoHealth Alliance is our current Natural World beneficiary. With a mission to use innovative science-based solutions to protect global health, they are focused on promoting ecological and biological health in more than 20 countries.

EcoHealth Alliance promotes multiple projects and programs at the same time. Some of the programs that they are funding include “Project Deep Watch,” designed to promote biological diversity in previously homogenous environments. EcoHealth Alliance is also working on bat conservation and preservation, and ending black-market and illegal wildlife trade, as well as focusing on encouraging the growth of Asian elephant populations.

One of the most important projects that EcoHealth Alliance is focusing on now is a catalog of all the world’s viruses. With a network of research teams, doctors, hospitals, and corporate partners, EcoHealth Alliance is working to organize a detailed record of all the world’s diseases, one available to all medical practitioners, in order to promote accurate diagnosis worldwide.

To learn more about EcoHealth Alliance and follow their campaigns, visit their website, or follow them on Facebook and YouTube. It’s not too late to donate to their great causes and promote both ecological and biological health! Members, to allocate a part of your donation to EcoHealth Alliance, log in to your account and choose “Manage Donation” on the right side of the page.