Empowering women in Ghana


A large part of the work our Humanist Action: Ghana (HA: Ghana) team does in Ghana is empowering women to realize their full potential as equal members of society. As in many parts of the world, there is still much work to be done. When the team lived in Bimbila, they worked closely with partner organization Songtaba to reintegrate women accused of witchcraft and living in exile. You can read more about these efforts on the Applied Sentience blog here.  Now that the team has moved to Yendi, they look forward to building relationships with the people in this community and working with new friends to foster grassroots efforts to empower more women and, therefore, their whole community. It's well-known that to help a community, the best way to begin is to empower the women in that community. There's a Ghanaian professor named Akua Kuenyehia who recently participated in a panel at 61st session of the Commission on the Status of Women in New York. She talked about how empowering women is not just advantageous for the women themselves, but for the entire country. Please read more about her talk here.

HA: Ghana is currently designing a project with BIRDS, our newest partner, to empower women to seek leadership positions in the community including running for office. Recent news in Ghana suggests that the country is poised to appoint its second successive female chief justice! News of woman in such a powerful position in Ghana only supports our work and message locally.

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