Energy Action Coalition: We Are Young Climate Leaders–We Vote!


Energy Action CoalitionThis post from our current Environment beneficiary, Energy Action Coalition, calls young people to action–and to the polls–in service of our embattled environment.

By Courtney Hight, Executive Director of Energy Action Coalition

When an oil rig exploded off the Gulf of Mexico on April 20, the country was startled out of inaction, and we have all watched, day after day, one more example of the impact of reliance on dirty and dangerous sources of energy. Young people were ready to take to the streets, and Energy Action Coalition has since organized nearly 100 actions in response to the disaster.

Now, we’re ready to take that action to the polls.

This fall, Energy Action Coalition is launching Power Vote 2010, working with Millennials who care about climate change and environmental justice to take their passion to the polls. Rahm Emanuel said just a few weeks ago what we’ve long known to be true–that young people who are passionate about energy issues and the environment will turn out to vote. Power Vote 2008 engaged over 350,000 young people around clean energy, and since I became the Executive Director of the Energy Action Coalition in June, I’ve heard countless stories about the successes of the 2008 campaign. I am counting down the days until we launch Power Vote at our training camp this month in Chicago!  We still have a few spaces available–apply today!

Young people are defining our decade, and standing up to the dirty energy corporations that are influencing our elections and our elected leaders. The Energy Action Coalition will continue to be the hub of this action–your home if you want to be trained, inspired, and supported to create a just and sustainable future. Today’s the day for you to take action! Sign up to run Power Vote on your campus or community on our brand new website, We can’t wait for you to join us!