Even as the seasons change, Beyond Belief Network teams remain committed to service


Foundation Beyond Belief’s Beyond Belief Network is a network of secular humanist groups volunteering in their communities and raising money for FBB’s featured charities and programs. Any group with a public secular humanist or atheist identity is welcome to join, regardless of experience or group size.

COUNTThree members of Central Ohio United Non-Theists volunteered at Urban Scrawl in Franklinton. A recently deceased COUNT member had previously suggested the event, and COUNT volunteered in his memory. COUNT volunteers helped set up boards for artists to paint during the event, checked IDs at the gate, and operated a booth with children’s activities. Some of the art will be displayed throughout Franklinton, while others will be sold to raise funds for urban renewal.

Members of Freethought Dayton meet weekly at the Foodbank, an organization “leading the charge to relieve hunger for [their] Miami Valley neighbors.” On this occasion, after packing some boxes with food and organizing the packing area, they cleaned the warehouse to help the Foodbank get ready for inspections. They scrubbed bins, wiped down tables, and peeled tape off the packing tables.

If you are a member of a secular humanist or atheist group and would like to participate in community service projects under the national umbrella of Foundation Beyond Belief, join Beyond Belief Network. We welcome all atheist groups interested in service, from groups with extensive volunteer experience to newly formed groups new to secular service. By aggregating our efforts, we demonstrate that all we really need is charity and goodness to make the world a better place.