Expanding access to Hesperian’s Where There Is No Doctor


Hesperian Health GuidesSarah Shannon from Hesperian Health Guides, our third-quarter Poverty and Health beneficiary, gave us this report about how they are using the funds contributed by members of Foundation Beyond Belief. Members donated $10,025 to Hesperian Health Guides last quarter.

Hesperian Health Guides thanks the members of Foundation Beyond Belief for their generous gift of $10,025. We are blown away by your gift which will support Hesperian in developing and releasing several digital chapters from the New Where There Is No Doctor in multiple languages, including Spanish, French, and Portuguese. This is a critically important step toward making lifesaving health information more accessible to those who need it most.

Where There Is No Doctor has been supporting communities for the last 40 years by providing complex health information in accessible, easy-to-understand formats that empower community health workers and educators to take action for health. This and other Hesperian materials have been widely shared in resource-poor communities, giving people more control over their health and lives.

According to research by both Johns Hopkins University and New York University, an average of 40 people use every single copy of Where There Is No Doctor. This incredible “multiplier effect” means that millions of lives have been transformed by putting the words found on the pages of Hesperian’s books into practice.

With Hesperian’s health materials now in a wide array of digital formats as well as in print, in more than 80 languages, and with Hesperian’s library on the verge of expanding from 10 to 13 lifesaving titles, this “multiplier effect” is poised to grow exponentially. Imagine the changes in the coming years as health promoters the world over use mobile phones and computers, as well as books, to share Hesperian’s life-saving health information with an ever-increasing number of communities.

Again, many thanks to the members of Foundation Beyond Belief for supporting Hesperian Health Guides and for joining us in working toward health for all.

Sarah Shannon, Executive Director
Hesperian Health Guides