FBB announces Giving Together year-end campaign


As December approaches, we as secular humanists may feel that our voices are muffled by the focus on “the holidays” – the religious celebrations, the giving and receiving of gifts, and the general fervor that surrounds the season. On top of which, many are reeling and possibly discouraged from the recent election results.

But now is a time of year when we can show just how powerful we as secular humanists can be when we work together to support causes we believe in. Some people are ready to figure out how they can get involved and make a difference during the next 2-4 years.

As 2016 draws to a close, I urge you to consider supporting Foundation Beyond Belief’s Giving Together campaign and helping to show the world that humanism matters. It is time to show that we are a true force in making our country, and indeed the world, a better place.

Your support allows us to continue:

  • Helping communities achieve long-term recovery after natural or human-made disaster strikes;

  • Empowering women and girls in Northern Ghana through our current Humanist Action: Ghana project;

  • Bringing together humanist and other non-believing groups throughout the United States to encourage community volunteering and charitable fundraising;

  • Providing catalyst grants to small, grassroots organizations working in the areas of poverty and health, human rights, education, and the natural world.

Foundation Beyond Belief is the only organization that brings together these vital programs on a worldwide scale, but we need your help in order to keep doing so. Our Giving Together campaign directly benefits Foundation Beyond Belief, allowing our small and dedicated staff the resources we need to continue our mission.

Please make a year-end gift to Foundation Beyond Belief to provide a way for humanists to give back to their local communities and around the world. Our goal is to raise $10,000 between now and Giving Tuesday, November 29, with a total goal of $50,000 for our Giving Together Campaign. In fact, an anonymous donor will be matching the first $5,000 we receive between now and Giving Tuesday — that means any gift you give will have DOUBLE the impact.

To make your year-end gift now or on Giving Tuesday, click here! We will send another e-mail on Giving Tuesday to help you remember, or you can set a reminder to do so. Whether you choose to give now, on Giving Tuesday, or some other time before the new year, we are grateful for your support. YOU are humanism at work.