FBB announces National Partners Program


Foundation Beyond Belief is thrilled to announce the formation of the National Partners Program , a program that rewards national partners with locals teams for volunteer work. 

Are you a national organization who has many affiliate groups and thinks volunteering is important?  

Foundation Beyond Belief’s National Partners Program tracks volunteer service hours for national organizations and gives annual awards to those National Partners who have the most service hours and the greatest number of events.  FBB staff are also available to run Giving Games for National Partner affiliates (with assistance for travel costs on a case by case basis).

Who is Eligible?

To qualify, a National Partner must have local groups around the US or internationally and must be secular or humanist focused. The local groups must join Beyond Belief Network (BBN) and submit event reports on their events for the hours to be credited to the National Partner and the local affiliate.


Hours Double Credited: As a National Partner, your local groups only need to submit event reports through our system and their hours will be credited to both you and them.

Local Group Perks: The local groups can qualify for t-shirts and grants through our Beyond Belief Network program based on our program qualifications.

National Partner Perks: National Partners get volunteer hours/event tracking and qualify for the annual National Partner awards for most volunteer events and most hours.

Giving Games: Any National Partner affiliate is eligible for a Giving Game run by FBB staff, whether the local group is part of BBN or not. Assistance with travel costs for the FBB staff member may be required on a case by case basis, but Giving Games can also be run via Skype or Google Hangout.

How it Works

Local teams can choose one National Partner for the year and all their service hours will be credited to that National Partner.

For example, local team Humanists of Houston in Houston, Texas can choose American Humanist Association (AHA) as their National Partner. Humanists of Houston and AHA will both get credit for Humanist of Houston's service hours throughout the year. Or, Baltimore Ethical Society can choose American Ethical Union (AEU) as their National Partner.

Contact Us

National groups interested in becoming a National Partner may email our Beyond Belief Network or Executive Director Noelle George. International groups are also welcome to inquire.

Current National Partners


 American Humanist Association


United Coalition of Reason