FBB announces new $10,000 matching gift for Giving Together year-end campaign


Foundation Beyond Belief has raised $21,000 for our Giving Together Campaign. But our work is far from finished – we still have $29,000 to raise before the end of the year which is so important because every dollar we raise is absolutely essential to the programs you love.

To help us meet our goal, one of our amazing donors has just reached out with a special message. After donating his usual year-end gift, he told us he would like to give an ADDITIONAL gift of $10,000 in the form of a match! Between today and December 20, he will match EVERY donation dollar-for-dollar up to $10,000. 

Our year-end fundraising drive is what enables us to run FBB, which means it pays for hours of careful vetting by our staff to choose the most effective and efficient charities for our grants; the costs of doing business: website hosting charges, accounting expenses, and government registration fees; and our dedicated and hardworking part-time staff. These are also the funds that help us pay for our direct service programs like Humanist Action: Ghana, Humanist Disaster Recovery Teams and Drives, and the Beyond Belief Network. We are the only humanist charity doing this vital work, but it's work we are doing together. Together we are making a change in the world.

TOGETHER, Humanists……
… Speak and act against injustice
… Challenge dangerous superstitions and stereotypes
… Make our environment a cleaner, safer, better place
… Promote education and literacy, especially for marginalized groups
… Encourage reason and compassion for others
… Work to eliminate poverty, hunger, and illness
A gift to Foundation Beyond Belief allows us to continue bringing humanists together to do good.

TOGETHER we are Humanity at Work. Our work is only possible through the collective power that we as humanists have to change the world. By supporting Foundation Beyond Belief, YOU are making a difference right now, here on earth. Please give now to double your impact!

Photo: Humanist Action: Ghana Team One in Ghana