FBB announces partnership with Humanist Experience podcast


As part of our mission to promote secular volunteering and responsible charitable giving, Foundation Beyond Belief (FBB) is thrilled to announce we will be taking on a new project: the Humanist Experience. The Humanist Experience is a podcast that uses experiential learning and storytelling to grow empathy and understanding for people who may be outside its listeners' immediate social network. Each episode, the podcast's hosts, Seráh Blain and Evan Clark, directly engage with contemporary social issues and share stories about the people and communities most affected.

"We at Foundation Beyond Belief are very excited about the Humanist Experience podcast joining our organization," says Noelle George, FBB's executive director. "The podcast explores the humanist perspective through Seráh and Evan's lived experiences, and is perfectly in line with FBB's Humanism at Work motto."

The podcast put out five episodes in its first season, tackling issues across the country like homelessness, abortion access, and body image – all from a humanist perspective. Now, in partnership with FBB, the Humanist Experience is launching a 10-episode second season that will visit communities where FBB volunteer networks are at work. The podcast will highlight issues being addressed by organizations receiving FBB grants, and use its experiential storytelling model to connect listeners more deeply to these issues.

"Foundation Beyond Belief is empowering local communities to address many of the issues we explore with the Humanist Experience," said Seráh Blain. "It's a perfect fit. We're telling stories about social challenges from a Humanist perspective, and FBB is on the ground meeting those challenges with Humanism."

Foundation Beyond Belief and Humanist Experience are working to raise $10,000 through Kickstarter to cover some of the production and travel costs for the second season. 

The Humanist Experience can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker, Soundcloud and most other podcast platforms.

Featured image: Evan Clark and Seráh Blain of the Humanist Experience. Photo credit: Jim Hesterman, Spectrum Experience.