FBB recognizes DSNI as Humanism at Work conference approaches


2014-q4-dsniAs Foundation Beyond Belief prepares for its second annual Humanism at Work conference, we look at one of our innovative Humanist Giving programs: the Compassionate Impact Grant (CIG). Chosen at the last quarter of 2014, our first CIG beneficiary was Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI). DSNI is focused on raising the quality of life and lifting families out of poverty in the Dudley Triangle using an evidence-based urban renewal model. FBB members were enthusiastically supportive of DSNI and this new approach to humanist charity. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, DSNI received $56,700.  

FBB is proud to have supported DSNI. We’re also excited to announce that DSNI is sending representatives to our Humanism at Work conference! These representatives plan to give a tour of the neighborhood on Sunday morning so attendees can see for themselves some of the fantastic work DSNI has completed so far. Space is limited. To attend the tour, please fill out our tour sign up form.   

TriangleDudleyThe Dudley neighborhood exists between the Roxbury and North Dorchester neighborhoods in South Boston. The neighborhood is roughly 1.3 square miles, with 22,000 people living in 7,500 households. The Dudley Triangle is important because it is within an area of the Dudley neighborhood that is highly distressed. Households in the neighborhood have a poverty rate more than twice that of Boston as a whole, and more than one-third of children in the neighborhood live below the federal poverty line. While DSNI is active within the Dudley Triangle, the entire neighborhood benefits from affordable housing units, business development, beautification of vacant lots, and art and community institutional development.

With the support of Foundation Beyond Belief, DSNI has been able to continue growing and expanding their Fair Chance for Family Success Initiative where residents can partner with DSNI to set goals to improve their economic well-being. Participants receive support from their neighborhoods, assistance from local social service agencies and personal growth to set their own financial goals. So far, over a hundred families are involved in the program.

FBB focused on creating a financial education activity book.  As families in the Fair Chance for Family Success Initiative reflect on their financial future, children will learn responsible money management skills. Money can be a complex and tricky subject, but this activity book simplifies addressing the essential skills with a fun, open-ended, challenge-focused approach. FBB also created a guide on managing finances designed for parents to find opportunities to discuss money management with children and teens. Each can be used separately or together.    

Foundation Beyond Belief staff have also blogged about DSNI’s other programs including the Dudley Street Neighborhood Charter School and Dudley Neighbors, Inc.   

It’s still not too late to register for our Humanism at Work conference at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston on July 25. The theme of this year’s conference is #blacklivesmatter: listen, learn, think, discuss, act. This event will include several talks, a panel discussion, and an awards dinner.

Conference seating is limited. Tickets for the conference and charity dinner are $125 and are limited to only 100 seats. There are also 10 student tickets are available at $49. Attendees will also get a special rate at the Park Plaza Hotel. For registration and further information about the speakers and schedule, go to our conference page.

Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative