FBB small grant supports Avivara’s education programs in rural Guatemala


Tenemos Historias Para ContarAvivara was the recipient of a Foundation Beyond Belief small grant last quarter. Avivara’s Executive Director Gary Teale gave us this report about how the grant will help them improve education in rural Guatemala.

Avivara is very grateful to Foundations Beyond Belief and its donors for their generous contribution of $1,500 to our programs to improve the access to and quality of education in poverty-impacted rural villages in the Central and Northwestern Highlands of Guatemala.

The money donated will be used to help Avivara conduct writing workshops for the students and teachers in the rural public schools, and publish Volume III of Tenemos Historias Para Contar, an anthology of stories written by the students taken from the oral traditions of their villages. These anthologies are used to promote reading and writing skills among the students while also being a record of their indigenous oral traditions and village life.

Gary Teale, Executive Director