FBB welcomes new staff members


Foundation Beyond Belief is thrilled to announce two new people are joining our team!

Emma Renfrew has joined us as Development Director. Emma will be working closely with Executive Director Noelle George to write grants and increase funding for FBB's programs. Emma has spent her career in various roles at nonprofits both large and small and is thrilled to bring her experience to bear as Development Director with FBB.  Raised to believe in the tenets of humanism and secular Judaism, Emma feels right at home with our mission.

Emma currently lives in Pittsburgh with her husband and daughter, though her heart remains in her hometown of Cleveland. In addition to wrangling a headstrong toddler, Emma spends her time reading, hiking the hills of Pittsburgh, learning to sew, and fantasizing about writing the Great American Novel (though her many and diverse talents do not extend to the writing of fiction).

We also welcome Stephanie Zvan as Donor Relations and Administrative Manager. Stephanie's job will be to keep the FBB staff and inner workings running smoothly and handling contact with our donors. If you reach out to FBB, it is Stephanie that you are most likely to hear from.

When not making sure FBB is a tightly run ship, Stephanie is the producer of the American Humanist Association's podcast, The Humanist Hour, and a host and interviewer for Minnesota Atheists' radio show, Atheists Talk. She is one of the founders of Secular Women Work, which provides activist training (for all genders) through conferences and workshops. She's been educating audiences in science and skepticism at science fiction and fantasy conventions and as a guest lecturer for college audiences. She's a founding member of The Orbit and writes at Almost Diamonds.

Coming to religion as an outsider, Stephanie doesn't have much interest in theology or apologetics. She'd rather get on with creating that post-religious world the demographics tell us is coming. She wants to help make it a good one, and she's prepared to relentlessly organize it into place.

We are thrilled to welcome Emma and Stephanie into the FBB family!